Geo Mapping

using mapping data to visualise the uk

Postcodes visualised

using data provided by the website such as naptan and the ordnance survey catalogue of postcodes, streets and meridian data we can produce amazing maps of the UK showing the infrastructure and settlement patterns,

the postcode data used in these arrangements is the same as the postcoder api service i provide. you can find this data at the postcode github repo. other data is available at the website.

what follows are the current series of images generated using this data. feel free to contact me regarding these or perhaps the generation of more visualised data sets

the meridian data set which powers the more detailed road networks later images is available on request. this has been converted into GML format to make it more suitable for quicker parsing.

uk postcode map
uk bus stop map
uk road network
uk railway map
uk rivers map
uk road map
uk road - meridian
london roads - meridian