UK Top 40 Listings with Spotify quick links. [New Version 15th September 2011]


Welcome to the Spotify TOP 40 Chart program. By taking the latest UK charts and merging them with Spotifys Metadata API this application can create track listings of all the top 40 tracks you're interested in!

This application makes use of the XML chart listings I created a while ago.


BBC Top 40 listings
Spotify's Metadata search API

Version Updates:

v1.2 - Improved the search to Spotify's API considerably. Should be a lot less "not found track".
v1.4 - Added new reference feeds / Switch between chart types / Direct audio play / Improved track finder.
v1.5 - Downgraded .NET requirements to v3.5 to ensure better compatibility with older Windows operating systems
v1.6 - Updated some small UI errors which appeared :(
v1.7 - Improved search system to locate UK specific tracks using the song territories more accurately.

v1.8 - Changed how Spotify linking works. Instead of getting all the data for Spotify I've now changed it to "on demand" which speeds up the process.
Fixed a bug with the BBC images not appearing for the tracks.





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